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Coffee OrganicGO can answer all of your questions regarding organic instant coffee. We can tell you how to make a great cup of coffee, how to make raspberry organic chocolate iced coffee and how to use a Colombian Enhancer.

How to Make a Great Cup of Hot Coffee

How to Make Raspberry Organic Chocolate Iced Coffee

Colombian Enhancers

Q. What are Kick It Up Jo Enhancers?
A. Grinders filled with large grains of Coffee OrganicGo.

Q. How do you use this product?
A. Hand grind directly from bottle into hot coffee, iced coffee etc.

Q. What happens to the product?
A. Turns into a fine powdery substance that is very soluble.

Q. What are the benefits of this product?
A. It adds that extra bold taste when needed and has a great coffee flavor.

How To Use Coffee Seasoning Rub

Add to meat,poultry,pork lamb ,or hamburger

Coat with olive oil and sprinkle desired amount on each side and cook until done.

Enjoy the savory spices,herbs & great organic coffee taste,remember can be used

also by sprinkling on food directly.


How To Use Coffee OrganicGo

Makes approximately 48 servings per large jar.
Hot: Use one level teaspoonful per cup. Add boiling water and stir.
Iced: Place one level teaspoonful in a glass. Fill half full with cold water, stir. Add ice and serve.

Serving suggestion: Use milk or soy milk instead of water for a delicious latte taste.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon

Servings per Container: About 48

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